An old hag granted immortality, traing heroes for hundreds of years and wishes to learn the secrets of potioneering.


None yet.. coming soon


Brethka is a 776 year old human druid who communed herself to the primal spirits at age 12. She than has served the World Serpent for many centuries. As a young girl, she spent most of her time in a makeshift hut outside on the edge of the forest. When she was old enough, she got lessons from a eagle spirit of the works of primal magic, though her father and mother were priests to an unnamed god. She spent her adventuring career with a bunch of adventurers, hoping to find their place in the world. When she reached the height of her fame, her parents were killed by a cult in service to the Far Realm. She quickly defeated the cult and closed the portal for a hundred years, losing her fellows in the process. The spirits than granted her eternal life. She than quickly after swore to teach other heroes to prevent the same fate. She closely studies potions, hoping to make herself a primal spirit in this way. She hates all drow not only because they kill the “guardians of nature” the elves and eladrin, a drow betrayed their party to her friends ultimate demise.


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