A strong adult steel dragon taking the humanoid form of a dwarf warlord


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Karvickus is a steel dragon that grew up with humans and was instantly fascinated by them. He retreated into a nearby cluster of mountains. He then learned to shape shift into a humanoid, and chose a charismatic, solid dwarf warlord. After praying to his idol, Bahamut, he found that the gods were occupied with a important task that threatened the world. Later, he found and felt a source of elemental uprising and found that The Chained God could break its chains in a matter of years. He immediately sought help and fould a wandering kalashtar invoker by the name of Malharath. They started the Order of Light from Chaos and continued in recruiting adventurers to help face this threat. Vestapalk, a mad green dragon with the gift of foresight bestowed by the Elder Elemental himself, is Karvickus’ worst nightmare and most hated enemy.


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